The Great Prophet Bill Hicks

He was pretty awesome.

Cover photo by Courtney Corlew.

I have several family members who were born today, and I’ve tried to include something for each of them. This lighthouse photo is in memory of my grandmother who would be celebrating her 89th birthday today. She had a thing for lighthouses.

On This Day

1945: The first test detonation of a nuclear bomb took place in Alamogordo, New Mexico. Code-named Trinity, the test was conducted at 5:29am July 16th 1945 as part of the Manhattan Project.

1969: Apollo 11 launched and began its mission to the moon. The crew from Apollo 11 were the first humans to walk in the moon. (My grandmother was in labour with my uncle during the launch, and his middle name is “Apollo 11.”)

Morning Jam.

In honour of my baby bro’s birthday, here’s one of his favourite songs, “Fresh” by Kool and the Gang. We used to roller skate to this, and it’s one of my favourite memories.

The Great Prophet Bill Hicks

A friend said something to me about watching the news yesterday, and it got me thinking about the great prophet Bill Hicks.

Bill Hicks was a comedian in the 80s and 90s who died way too young and way before his time at the age of 32. Several of his bits are still remarkably relevant today. I’ve included a couple below.

Eye Bleach: Owls lying down

Quick Bites

  1. Potentially the oldest stereo recordings.

  2. How to want to eat veggies (I felt like sharing this because a friend just pawned off all her produce on me because she doesn’t know what to do with it.)

  3. Kanye is officially on the ballot in Oklahoma.

  4. Estonian construction worker humans rescued a fully grown wolf from a frozen river. The way this wolf looks is how I feel on the inside about this bullshit year.

  5. You had me at cheesy tomatoes. #NotVegan