RDJ talks AI

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On This Day

1460: The Battle of Northampton was fought during the War of the Roses. This battle is thought to be the first battle in which artillery was used in England. Lasting for a mere 30 minutes, the battle concluded with the capture of King Henry VI by the Yorkists for the second time.

1553: Lady Jane Grey began her nine-day rule as Queen of England. In his will in June 1553, her first cousin King Edward VI nominated Jane and her successors for the English Crown because she was a Protestant. Edward’s will removed both his half-sisters Mary I (a Catholic) and Elizabeth I (a Protestant) from the line of succession. As we all know, Mary I succeeded to the throne after Jane and reigned for five years. Queen Elizabeth I, the last monarch from the house of Tudor, followed Mary and reigned for 45 years.

1890: Wyoming became the 44th state in the United States. Wyoming was the first state to grant women the right to vote, which they did in 1869 when Wyoming was still a territory. Wyoming’s state constitution included an article that all water in Wyoming was property of the state.

Morning Jam

My Analog Journal has a great new mix out with Nishant Mittal. If you’re unfamiliar, My Analog Journal is a YouTube channel that specialises in obscure music from around the world. Hosted by Turkish-born Zag Erlat, My Analog Journal strives to open up the viewer to obscure music.

Weekend Watch

This is the first episode of a YouTube series presented by Robert Downey Jr called The Age of A.I.

The creators of the series focus on how A.I. can be used to help us, and not dominate us and control our world. If you’re interested in a deep dive about the dark side of A.I., this series isn’t the thing for you, but if you’re interested in a high-level overview of A.I. that will inspire you to dig deeper, give it a go.

And — fun tidbit for Marvel nerds like me — the hangar where RDJ films each episode intro is the same one where the original Iron Man movies were shot.

Quick Bites

  1. Lysol has been FDA approved to kill COVID-19 on surfaces (don’t drink it, obviously).

  2. Caligula’s fourth and last wife is etched into this 2,000-year-old ring.

  3. Super cool zombie makeup. Can’t imagine how long this took.

  4. The Boston Apple Tree Party.

  5. Facebook has banned a network of over 100 pages, accounts, and Instagram accounts surrounding Roger Stone.

  6. Speaking of Facebook, Sheryl Sandberg released a statement about the civil rights audit Facebook has been going through.

Cover photo by Cristofer Jeschke.