Mario's namesake

And other stuff.

This is a shorter edition today. I had to run errands last night, and it was a horrible experience being out in public. When I got home I started drinking wine and watching Frankie Drake Mysteries on Amazon. I lost track of time. ;)

On This Day

1223: Louis VIII begins his 3-year reign of France after the death of his father King Philip II. Louis married Blanche of Castile at the age of twelve, and they had thirteen children. He died from dysentery at the age of 39.

1789: While the Bastille only housed seven prisoners at the time it was stormed, the fall of the Bastille signalled the beginning of the French Revolution.

1983: Mario Bros. was first released in Japan as an arcade game. In some overseas promotional materials for Donkey Kong, “Mario” was the name of the Jumpman. Named after Mario Segale, the landlord of Nintendo of America’s office and warehouse, the Mario character went on to become a massive success.

Morning Jam

I love this version of “Charlie” by my friend Peter Mulvey. Really well done, and reminiscent of his live shows. If you like acoustic singer-songwriter music, give it a go.

Eye Bleach x2

Quick Bites

  1. Notre-Dame spire will be reconstructed exactly as it was before the fire last year.

  2. Wells Fargo tells employees to delete TikTok from company devices.

  3. California closes indoor dining and bars. Again.

  4. Vegan, Paleo, Gluten Free, Chunky Monkey Ice Cream Bon Bons…uhm...yes, please.

  5. The history and evolution of playing cards.

Cover Photo by Jean-Paul Trivel.