Happy Legalised Theft Day

Plus two books every American should read

Cover Photo by Joshua Earle.

Today’s issue is a bit different because I spent my evening finishing corporate taxes for 2019 before today’s deadline and I’m feeling a little cranky.

On This Day

1381: John Ball, a prominent priest who took part in the Peasant’s Revolt was beheaded for his involvement. The Revolt happened as a result of the Poll Tax levied in 1380.

1662: King Charles II chartered the Royal Society in London. The Royal Society of London for Improving Natural Knowledge is the oldest national scientific institution in the world.

1799: The Rosetta Stone was found in the Egyptian village of Rosetta during Napoleon’s Egypt campaign.

Morning Jam

There is no real music video for this song, but it’s so fucking epic (and puts me in a really good mood) so I just had to include it. This is a mashup between Snoop and Grease. And it’s amazing. Probably the best mashup I’ve ever heard.

Worth Reading

There are two amazing — and eye-opening — books that I think everyone should read before the summer is over.

The first is called “We The Corporations.” The author, Adam Winkler, is an old acquaintance of mine. He’s a constitutional law professor at UCLA. In “We The Corporations” Adam explores the history of how businesses acquired legal rights, and he goes back to the very first corporations in America (in the colonies, actually), and works his way forward.

It’s phenomenally well written and well researched. Since Adam is a constitutional law professor, he discusses all the landmark cases that made it possible for corporations to be granted personhood.

“We The Corporations” sheds light on how big business in America continue to thrive and prosper when so many people are anti-business.

The next book that should be on your summer reading list is “The Creature from Jekyll Island.

Written by G. Edward Griffin, this book is not a horror story in the traditional sense as the title would lead you to believe. But rather, this book is about the Federal Reserve, which makes it a horror story in its own right.

If you’ve ever felt like the American financial system is designed to help banks get richer, you’re not wrong, and “The Creature from Jekyll Island” will explain to you exactly how and why that’s the case.

The Federal Reserve was conceptualised in a secret meeting of bankers and a senator on Jekyll Island in 1910, and in the 100+ years since then, the Federal Reserve (or, rather, the government’s banking cartel) has proven to be a bit of a problem.

If you don’t know much about the Fed, you must read this book. Nearly every page will make you go, “whoa, wtf…?”

By reading “We The Corporations” and “The Creature from Jekyll Island” back to back you’ll have a much better understanding of how things work in America.

Eye Bleach

Just Gonna Leave This Here…

Quick Bites

  1. Unearthed Father Ted footage pays tribute to football legend Jack Charlton.

  2. The Japanese take on Western food. Omurice, anyone?

  3. If you only watch one thing today, it needs to be this.

  4. Banksy.

P.S. #EndTheFed
P.P.S. Epstein didn’t kill himself.