Don't Rush Just Because You Feel Like You Should

We finally unpacked the house...after how long...?

Painting: "Galileo before the Holy Office" and was painted by French painter Joseph Nicolas Fleury in the 19th century.

For the first time since my husband and I moved into our current place (a year ago) we are finally unpacked, and settled in. A year seems like a long time, to be sure, but frankly this last year has been exhausting and getting the house organised was really low on the list of priorities.

We are introverts. Our home is our sanctuary. We don't have guests, so we didn't mind taking the time to settle in and nest on our own schedule.

For the last year it was a matter of conversation in our home where we felt like we "should" just rush through the nesting process and get it over with, but neither one of us felt called to do so.

An unexpected visitor this weekend forced into action. We had to put the kitchen table together, unpack everything, and organise everything.

And I am so glad we did. Our home feels like a home, and I hadn't realised exactly how much I missed that.

But...I know myself, and I know my husband. If we rushed because we felt like unpacking and nesting right away is the "right thing" to do, we wouldn't have been so grateful for the transformation we achieved this week. We wouldn't have felt so happy about our home being settled. All of our hard work this last week wouldn't have felt so rewarding.

The reason I'm telling you this is simple:

Things happen when they're meant to. Sometimes your lack of inertia is a good thing because the emotional reward on the other side of whatever you're putting off could be even greater than if you rushed.

On This Day

1535: Cardinal John Fisher was beheaded on Tower Hill for refusing to recognise King Henry VIII as the head of the Church of England.

1611: Explorer Henry Hudson and his ship the Discovery were set adrift in Hudson Bay by mutineers. He was never seen again.

1633: Galileo Galilei was forced by the Pope Urban VIII to recant his views that the Earth orbits the Sun. It would take 359 years before the Vatican admitted this was wrong, on October 31st 1992.

1934: Infamous gangster John Dillinger was declared America's first public enemy Number One. He died one month later on July 22nd 1934 after being shot by special agents of the FBI.

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Tibetan Monks.

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In Tibetan culture, the consumption of meat has been the norm, yet given the basic Buddhist prohibition against killing, meat-eating has always posed significant ethical problems. How, then, have Tibetan meat eaters justified their actions? And how have vegetarians in Tibet argued their case?

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The Unusual Effect of a Climate Crisis on Norse Mythology

Photo from Ancient Origins.

A group of archaeologists, linguists and religion and climate experts have teamed up to analyse the inscriptions of the Rök Stone, a raised, inscribed memorial stone found in the Swedish province of Östergötland in the 1600s. Their study, published earlier this year, suggests Vikings were concerned about a climate catastrophe 1,200 years ago.

Standing at more than 2.5m tall, the Rök Stone is a 5-tonne piece of granite with the longest known runic inscription in stone. For more than a century, researchers have been trying to decipher the stone’s etched inscriptions. The study published this year showed that the runes allude to a cold climate crisis that happened between 536 and 550AD – some 300 years before the Rök Stone was created.

Read more from the BBC.

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Morning Jam

Today feels like a Jonah Smith kinda day. I'm really digging this song, "My Morning Scene" right now.

Jonah Smith is an American singer-songwriter with a number of albums under his belt. I discovered Jonah Smith back when his self-titled album was released back in 2006. You can support Jonah here on Bandcamp.

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St Johann by Pascal Riemann.